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» Contact & Permissions

.Contact Information.
[E-Mail] nerd.chaos [at] gmail [dot] com
[AIM] almond cookie tea (preferred)
[MSN] glitterplanet [at] live [dot] com
[Plurk] @hairporn


[Backtagging] Yes please! I consider myself a slow and steady tagger.
[Threadhopping] Mostly fine! If it would disrupt the original conversation, please contact me first... but I'll probably say yes.
[Hacking] Generally no -- if something is hackable, I'll make a note of it.
[Plotting] Always open to it!
[Offensive subjects] No torture. No medical-related horror. Nothing I refuse to do really comes up in SH, to be honest.


[What's okay to mention around her] I don't believe anything is off-limits. As for what she might react badly to: insults about her or her loved ones.
[Is there anything you need us to know about interacting with this character? Special physical features, special abilities, etc] You may recognize her as a popular student who is known for her sense of style, ability to make things (especially clothing), and her generosity.
[Can I hack that strike or otherwise find out information they'd prefer to keep hidden?] I try to note when something can be read through a strike, decoded via spell, etc.
[Can I troll/mindscrew/mess with in general?] As mentioned above I tend to avoid mindfuck, torture, and so on, but typical schoolyard bullying and teasing is just fine.
[Can I spit at/jinx/step on/etc? (i.e. fighting)] If it's not going to send her to the hospital wing, go for it. Otherwise, please ask! (But uh she did kick a manticore in the face in canon so be careful.)
[Can I flirt with/hug/kiss/use other means of non-violent physical contact with this character?] Go for it! She probably won't mind, unless you're being a creeper about it.
[Anything else?] Nothing comes to mind. o3o

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