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Name: Rarity
Canon Origin/Series: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
School Year: fifth
Gender: female
Age: 15
Out of school living location: Liverpool, England
Blood status: halfblood (magical parents, but her mother is muggleborn)

Rarity initially comes across as a stereotypical fashionista: a dedicated follower of fashion who spends every waking hour making herself lovely, with no use for education and no tolerance for dirt. It would be a lie to call that completely inaccurate, but she's so much more than her archetype.

Certainly, she does enjoy fashion to an almost ridiculous extent, and spends most of the average day sewing away. Her interest in fashion isn't limited to wearing clothing, though; Rarity is a successful designer and business owner who is in fact quite intelligent and resourceful. She has to be, considering the fact that she's been known to take on projects for celebrities or work on a half dozen extravagant dresses at once! She's channeled her passion into a successful career, setting her apart as a pony who's unusually skilled.

But while her life seemingly revolves around her business, there are much more important things to Rarity than money or even fashion. Among the six elements of harmony featured in the series, she represents generosity, and that's one of her greatest strengths. Rarity is willing to sacrifice her time -- and even her beautiful mane! -- for the good of others. You could say she's generous to a fault, since she's someone who happily prioritizes the wishes of customers over her own health and sanity.

She's also very much a girly-girl. Beyond her love of fashion, Rarity is truly a romantic at heart and dreams of being swept off of her feet by a wonderful prince. She doesn't let her fantasies get the better of her, though: when she finally got to meet one such prince and he turned out to be not as special as she expected, she refused to settle. She might also be called "prissy" as well, given that she cares very much about neatness and order. But again, Rarity prioritizes what's best for her and her friends over all of that, and respects even the most tomboyish of ponies (after some difficulty).

In fact, Rarity very much defies the stereotype of fashion-loving women being demure and polite. She does try to mind her (somewhat old-fashioned) manners, but she's also very forceful and opinionated. Tough, too, and good at getting out of messes -- in one episode, she was captured by a pack of much larger dogs, barely panicked, and promptly tricked them into helping her instead of vice-versa.

Finally, Rarity is quite the drama queen. Her emotions tend to be very extreme: bouncing and cheering when she's happy, wailing in her bedroom after a bad day, and dragging in a fainting couch after experiencing "THE WORST. POSSIBLE. THING." This attitude very much suits the artist she is -- her dramatics over failed designs make it clear that she cares about her art very much, and she has a love of attention that means she puts her all into everything she does.

Basically, Rarity is a fabulously artistic unicorn with a tendency for melodrama and a tendency to be generous yet badass when it counts.

Canon Background:

More seriously, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic tells the tale of one Twilight Sparkle, a nerd of a unicorn with a knack for magic who studies under the almighty Princess Celestia. Twilight is initially sent by Celestia to the town of Ponyville in order to help with the upcoming Summer Sun Celebration, and ends up meeting a gaggle of quirky but friendly ponies in the town. To make her life even harder, the celebration is interrupted by the evil Night Mare Moon, who threatens the safety of all of Ponyville and the world.

Thankfully, Twilight and her newfound friends are able to go on a quest to defeat Night Mare Moon and discover that they possess the power to unlock the elements of harmony, six forces of good that allow friendship to literally be magic and thus right wrongs and triumph over evil. The world is saved and the six ponies go on to have adorable misadventures and learn about friendship and have dozens of creepy fanartists drawing them.

Little is known about Rarity's own history, given that the series doesn't focus on that sort of thing. We do, however, see the story of how Rarity got her cutie mark, a symbol on her flank that shows her special talent. Always interested in designing and making clothing, she was nonetheless unsure if it was what she ought to do with her life; Rarity's outfits didn't quite meet her own standards for some reason unknown to even herself. All of that changed when one day the young pony was pulled by the horn by some magical force to an unknown place or thing. It turned out that the thing that she hoped was her destiny was nothing other than a huge rock... one filled with gorgeous gems. It was then that Rarity got her cutie mark -- a trio of diamonds -- showing that her talent was not simply fashion, but fabulous fashion with jewels that she found herself.

Beyond that, the only other things worth mentioning are that she's a successful designer who owns her own boutique and she sometimes cares for her younger sister, Sweetie Belle.

Background (AU!Canon; HP):
[Crimson] From a fairly young age, Rarity loved all things beautiful -- she was a baby who grasped at jewelry, a kindergartner who constantly tried on Mommy's makeup, and a preteen who spent every cent of her birthday money on clothes. While her family wasn't poor by any stretch of the mind, they simply couldn't provide her with the extravagance she came to desire, but she continued to love fashion nonetheless. Any lack of money didn't stop her one bit; instead, it encouraged her to find new ways to express herself and eventually pick up a needle and thread to teach herself how to sew.

At first, she only made things for herself, but Rarity's friends and neighbors soon began to notice her talent. She thus began to make things not only for herself but for others -- a pastime that lead to her discovery that as much fun as it was to make things, even more satisfaction came from seeing a smile on the face of somebody who she had created something for.

Her magic helped, of course. There was never any doubt of that when she, at nine, began to notice an uncanny ability to find things she could use in her designs... things that sometimes had a habit of floating toward her. (Her younger sister, Sweetie Belle, was very jealous and started to wonder out loud whether she could do something like that.) Rarity was thrilled to attend Hogwarts with one puffy cat named Opalescence, and became an enthusiastic student (albeit mostly when it came to things she could use to make the world more beautiful) and friend to many of her classmates.

A few years in, Rarity became so known around Hogwarts for her style and her creations that she began to get special requests... paid requests. She promptly created her own handmade clothing label -- Carousel Boutique -- and started to sell her works (still giving many away to friends, of course). Now in her fifth year, Rarity has gathered a gaggle of friends (who love her for more than just her sense of style!) and a reputation for being a bit over the top but incredibly talented and generous.


How would your character fit in to each House?
Gryffindor: It may not be her most prominant personality trait, but Rarity is nonetheless very brave when push comes to shove. When she or her friends are in danger, Rarity will go as far as standing up to a monster with no fear. She also suits the Gryffindor tendency for chivalry, as she enjoys being treated like a queen. However, Gryffindor is also sometimes associated with being rough and athletic, so she would get quite frustrated in the long run should she be placed there.

Hufflepuff: It's said that Hufflepuffs are docile... until they have something to be angry about. Rarity fits that description, although her default mode is more dramatic than calm. She's a hard worker, too, and is willing to put as much time and effort into her creations as is needed. That said, Rarity often has difficulties with being open-minded toward people who are very different from her. Some of her best friends are tomboys, but that doesn't mean that they always get along -- quite the opposite.

Ravenclaw: Creativity is one of the most important traits of a Ravenclaw, making her a prime candidate for the house just considering that! If it's not already incredibly clear, Rarity has a love of fashion and making things beautiful, and she's darn good at it. She's smart, too, and simply prefers to exert her intelligence toward her creations rather than book learning; when necessary, it's not hard for Rarity to outsmart her enemies without lifting a hoof.

Slytherin: Ambitious and resourceful she certainly is, and Slytherins have a reputation for being fabulous, but it's still hard to see Rarity here. She's not particularly cunning, preferring to get what she wants through more direct -- and never morally questionable -- means.