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✁ - first - ✁

[You may be familiar with Rarity's elegant yet readable cursive, and today it's stretching across the page in a ink that just slightly sparkles.]

If I could have everyone's attention, I would like to remind you that setting your housemate's cat on fire is entirely unacceptable. Opalescence is a very delicate creature, and she does not deserve to be treated so roughly! I'm well aware that she was in no danger, but it's the principle of the thing.

Bonfires are meant for celebration, not... shenanigans.

[Fellow Ravenclaws may have seen her freaking the fuck out over Opal apparently burning up until realizing the flames were harmless.]

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Some people got a little out of hand. It's like they'd never seen bluebell flames before.

I hope your cat is all right.

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It's such a basic spell. There's really no excuse for that.

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Well I'm pretty sure most of them are more concerned about where the next party is or who they're dating, so I guess it isn't much of a surprise.

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[Oh, right, forgot she was talking to Queen Bee herself for a minute.]

Well, I'm glad Opal wasn't too freaked out or anything.

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I'm sure she'll be fine. I think animals are more sensitive to magic than we are, that's all. But then again, I think Spike was enjoying the fire.

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You can almost always find answers in a book, as long as you know what you're looking for.