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. basics .
Rarity, fifth year Ravenclaw

Age: fifteen
Blood: halfblood; her parents are both magical but her mother is muggleborn
Wand: nine and one quarter inches, pear and unicorn hair, somewhat stiff
Pet: a fluffy and temperamental white cat named Opalescence
Patronus: peacock
Classes: astronomy, charms, defence against the dark arts, herbology, history of magic, potions, transfiguration, magic and muggle home economics

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. history .
From a fairly young age, Rarity loved all things beautiful -- she was a baby who grasped at jewelry, a kindergartner who constantly tried on Mommy's makeup, and a preteen who spent every cent of her birthday money on clothes. While her family wasn't poor by any stretch of the mind, they simply couldn't provide her with the extravagance she came to desire, but she continued to love fashion nonetheless. Any lack of money didn't stop her one bit; instead, it encouraged her to find new ways to express herself and eventually pick up a needle and thread to teach herself how to sew.

At first, she only made things for herself, but Rarity's friends and neighbors soon began to notice her talent. She thus began to make things not only for herself but for others -- a pastime that lead to her discovery that as much fun as it was to make things, even more satisfaction came from seeing a smile on the face of somebody who she had created something for.

Her magic helped, of course. There was never any doubt of that when she, at nine, began to notice an uncanny ability to find things she could use in her designs... things that sometimes had a habit of floating toward her. (Her younger sister, Sweetie Belle, was very jealous and started to wonder out loud whether she could do something like that.) Rarity was thrilled to attend Hogwarts with one puffy cat named Opalescence, and became an enthusiastic student (albeit mostly when it came to things she could use to make the world more beautiful) and friend to many of her classmates.

A few years in, Rarity became so known around Hogwarts for her style and her creations that she began to get special requests... paid requests. She promptly created her own handmade clothing label -- Carousel Boutique -- and started to sell her works (still giving many away to friends, of course). Now in her fifth year, Rarity has gathered a gaggle of friends (who love her for more than just her sense of style!) and a reputation for being a bit over the top but incredibly talented and generous.
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